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  1. Example of RV-20E torque calculation

The RV-20E reducer was installed at the end of the power arm, the arm length was 65CM, the weight was 33.27KG, and the maximum torque was 211.93NM.

  1. RV-20E precision test example

The RV-20E reducer is installed at the end of the power arm, which is 65cm (650mm) long, and the test speed is 20. First let the motor press the dial gauge, write down the reading of 5.696mm, let the motor reverse 300 steps, after the mechanical arm reverse 300 steps, let it reset, at this time the dial gauge reading is: 5.673mm. It then ran 500 tests with an average absolute error of 0.0523 mm. The motion circumference of the top of the moving arm is 650*2*3.14=4082mm, and the circumference of 1 degree is 11.33mm, so the circumference of 1 arc minute is 11.33/60=0.18mm. The absolute value of our average error is 0.0523mm, equivalent to 0.0523/0.18=0.29 arc minute. The back gap has been achieved by less than 1 arc minute.

型号 Model 精度(弧分)Accuracy (arc minutes) 精度(弧分)Accuracy (arc minutes) 负载精度(弧分)Load accuracy (arc minutes) 传动效率transmission efficiency
减速比velocity rate
RV-20E 211.93 0.29 0.21 97% 117



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