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Best Automation Intelligence Solution Provider

We established as an automation intelligence solution provider in July 2009 and have its global headquarters in Shanghai. However, we are a privately held company that is licensed for ICT Technology and registered with full VAT rights. About 25 Western and Chinese IT engineers as well as administrative workers make up our team. Therefore, our primary area of interest is the Shanghai region, but we also travel quickly.

We, as automation intelligence solution provider, provide more than just automation intelligence solutions. Thus, we also provide a route to change. Your company will profit from the most recent improvements in automation thanks to our commitment to research, innovation, and keeping on the cutting edge of technology. Throughout the whole process, we promise to remain by your side as your strategic partner.

Our Specialty

We, as an automation intelligence solution provider, have mastered the art of developing specialized automation intelligence solutions. Therefore, they are catered to your particular business demands. Thus, thanks to our deep expertise in a variety of sectors and our team of seasoned professionals. Robotic process automation (RPA), implementations of artificial intelligence (AI), and wholesale RV reducer are just a few of the services we provide.

We, as an automation intelligence solution provider, take pride in integrating intelligent automation into your current workflows. Also, without causing any disruptions, allowing you to maximize resource usage, lower human error rates, and achieve unmatched operational perfection. Therefore, we approach every project from a comprehensive standpoint, taking into account your unique difficulties and objectives.


  • Is it possible to refer to all automation solutions as AI solutions

    AI is distinct from automation. Automation occurs when a machine follows a set of instructions that are only given by humans.

  • Is computer vision provided by intelligent automation?

    Intelligent automation is a more advanced form of automation that includes cognitively capable machines that mimic human behavior.

  • Who can aid in the development of intelligent automation?

    The effectiveness of intelligent automation may depend on partners or service providers in the digital transformation process.